About the MDA

The Mycobacterial Diseases of Animals (MDA) multi-state initiative (NE1201) brings together leading scientists with a shared vision of improving food security through a reduction in losses from two of the most important diseases of livestock - bovine tuberculosis (bTB) and Johne’s disease (JD).



Our Mission - Is to facilitate the development of shared research as well as the leveraging of intellectual and physical resources to address the most pressing needs and reduce health impacts and economic losses from bTB and JD.


Research Objectives of MDA


Objective 1 focuses on understanding the epidemiology and transmission of JD and TB in animals through the application of predictive modeling and assessment of recommended control practices.


Objective 2 seeks to develop and implement new generations of diagnostic tests for JD and TB.


Objective 3 focuses on improving our understanding of biology and pathogenesis of Mycobacterial diseases, as well as the host response to infection; and,


Objective 4 focuses on development of programs to create and evaluate and develop new generations of vaccines for JD and TB.


The objectives are crosscutting in nature (i.e. cut across objectives and/or address both diseases) that together help address the major animal, human, and societal issues surrounding detection and control of mycobacterial diseases in animals. 


Each of our research objectives is closely linked and coordinated with our education, extension and outreach plan.

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